Friday, June 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt: Spring!!

Again with the Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt! As I said in the last post, Chrysta Rae gave us 10 prompts that we had to hunt for and photograph. I revealed my balloon picture yesterday, as well as the process I went though to take it.

Today I will reveal SPRING!

My submission for SPRING!

This one was difficult for me. I had SO many ideas! Unfortunately, I was unable to DO most of my ideas. Ideally I wanted to take a picture of someone jumping (springing) by a freshwater spring with pretty flowers and a slinky. Every type of spring I could think of. I was unable to get to a spring. This made me sad. I thought of taking a picture of a flower, or a flower with a pencil spring or slinky but I thought that there would be a lot of those kind of pictures. I couldn't think of anything interesting to do with just a slinky, my creativity was failing me. I was completely at a loss of what to do.

Now, I am a teacher, and I am almost always after school with extra help, a club, or just grading or planning. One day there was a group of students staying after, some of our more outgoing and energetic students. They were playing catch while waiting for extra help to start and getting pretty rambunctious. Then I got the idea to make THEM jump for me!

I got a group of them out in the hall and told them they would get extra credit if they helped me out with my project! They were excited to help me out, until I made them jump up and down for a minute straight! I was testing out different settings on my camera and experimenting. The kids weren't too upset, they were getting extra credit after all, and they got to see me sprawl out on the floor in the hall of the school in my pretty work clothes. They thought I was nuts.

OVEREXPOSED! There are really 6 kids in this picture... jumping for a minute straight.
I changed a few of the settings and tried again.

I decided that I hated the lighting and there was nothing I could do to fix it.

I knew I was going to re-take the picture, but I had to figure out when and who I could con into doing it this time. My chance came when I had a pair of kids for extra help a few weeks later. Again, I promised some extra credit if they would jump for me. Again they thought I was nuts for sprawling on the floor (this time in a long flowy skirt!)