Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scavenger Hunt! Balloons!

 So the thing that got me started with the photography was Chrysta Rae's Scavenger Hunt on G+. Like any good scavenger hunt you are given items that you have to acquire. However, the catch is that you have to acquire a photograph of the item, and it has to be more unique and awesome than anyone else's!

For each hunt you are given 10 TOP SECRET items/words/etc to hunt for. The first rule of Fight Club Scavenger Hunt is don't talk about Scavenger Hunt! Well, sort of. You can talk about it with others in the hunt. But you shouldn't divulge your ideas because you don't want anyone to accidentally steal your creativity.

The thing I love is that it builds a great community of new and veteran photographers all willing to work together and help each other out!

The due date for the photos was last weekend. I have been anxiously waiting for the photos to be shared and the results to be posted since!

Today the first batch of photos have been released! The prompt for this batch was Balloon!
Here are ALL the photos:

And here is my entry:

 After taking a number of O K balloon photographs and deciding they just weren't good enough:

 I got an idea! Have my husband shoot the balloons with an arrow! And how can I make that stand out more... Oh, I know! Fill the balloons with paint! And since I'm playing with paint, I might as well stick them on a canvas and make a painting out of it!

So I sent my hubby out to get me a canvas, I got some water balloons and I poured some acrylic paint into them and filled them with the hose outside our apartment. My husband pulled out his fabulous bow and his arrows and we set up to shoot in the backyard. Our awesome landlords have said they do not mind us shooting into the brush behind the house, and our landlord happened to be watching this particular fun! He was entertained by it, it's so nice to have landlords that are cool with bows and arrows, paint and canvases, and cameras in the backyard.

Setting up! Put down newspaper, got a traffic cone to prop the canvas up with, and taped the balloons to the canvas.

Right before my photo.

Right after my photo. PAINT SPLATTER!
Just after the second balloon popped.

He missed but it looks cool sticking out like that!

Many misses, that last one was hard to get! This is as it was popping and running down.

The canvas after we were done shooting it.

Then we decided to drop balloons onto the canvas!

It DIDNT POP! It just bounced!


Then finally SPLOOSH!

All in all, this was a blast! And with the acrylic paint it was pretty easy to wash away with the hose. The paint was too watered down and didn't really stay on the canvas. I love the holes in the canvass and I have set it aside for future painting!