Thursday, June 7, 2012

A little rain is revitalizing

It's a wet and rainy morning so I thought I would post some post-rain pictures I took a few days ago. Friends on G+ may have already seen some of these.

My husband, a couple friends of ours, and I went out to lunch last weekend and when we were leaving my friend and I couldn't resist climbing into the rose bushes to take some pictures! We were totally ditched by the boys who decided to wander the hardware store while we were distracted.

Which picture is your favorite?

I love how glossy the leaves are and the droplets on the little pink rose bud and the purple rose.

Close up of the purple rose and her baby buds!

Pretty flower waiting to bloom!

Ok, so this one is a little blurry... but I still like it.

I love the big raindrop clinging to the middle of the petal.

The outside edges are browning and tattered but the inside is beautiful and pink!

This color is so pretty! It's like a sunsety-salmon... or a coral.

Rosebud with a giant raindrop!

I have NO idea what fruit that is...