Sunday, September 8, 2013

King Richard's Faire - Jaques Ze Whipper

          I went to King Richard's Faire this weekend. It was a lot of fun. I will be doing a few posts of the various events we saw and photos from around the faire! 

         First up, Jaques Ze Whipper! Jaques performs a show with whips. He does songs and various tricks, including a flaming whip. 

Jaques injured himself and had the coolest crutch! A peg-leg that he could kneel on. Performing on that was impressive!

Using the whip, he accurately chopped down this spaghetti! 

Look! Pieces of spaghetti flying off to the left!


Audience volunteer.

Biiiiig needle through a balloon.

And pull the thread through! 

"Audience volunteer" aka his assistant since he is broken. 

AND off comes the shirt!

For a good flaming whip, it first needs a good soak. 

The first crack is the one you want to catch!

Ooh! A little close for comfort there!