Friday, June 22, 2012

Hunt for Clouds Leads to Fruit!

In pursuit of clouds

This last school year I ran an after school club called Junque Journal. It is part art and part writing. The club met for an hour after school once a week.
Well, we had to evacuate the school during our last meeting because someone burnt something and the fire alarms went off. Luckily it had *just* stopped raining, so we didn't get drenched. The sky was beautiful after the spring storm! I couldn't resist taking pictures of the clouds.

As I was driving home I couldn't help but continue admiring the clouds. I even pulled off to the shoulder to get a few pictures.

But that still wasn't enough. I saw one giant cloud (which I now realize is the same cloud as my first picture! I had no idea until now, when I began processing them!) and just had to find a better place to photograph it. I chased the cloud. I took a random exit off the highway and just drove randomly towards where I thought I could get a shot.

I pulled off at a cute little farm stand and grabbed the cloud picture (above) then wandered the farm stand a bit.
 The Spring Brook Farm Country Store was very cute. They grow their own fruits and veggies, as well as flowers. I think they have animals too? Their website is in the caption of the photo I took. They were nice and reasonably priced for delish food! If you're in the area I would recommend stopping by.

I also went across the street to another country store, this one was just flowers. It was called Gary's Farm Stand. I asked them if they minded if I took some pictures and they said it was fine. One guy led me through the greenhouse to the back parking lot so I could get more cloud pictures too! Very helpful! 

Gary's Farm Stand

Gary's Farm Stand

When I got home I took some photos of the food that I bought at the Spring Brook Country Store so that I could show the quality of their fresh local food. I can't show you how it tasted, but let's just say that between my husband and I the food did not make it past 2 days... 

Raspberries, Blackberries, Honey Spread, Strawberries, Peas
I also got honey sticks but they were gone by the time I got home!

Fresh raspberries

Fresh blackberries

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh peas  (I didn't have to share these with my husband! All mine!)

My friend told me I should try Honey Spread, so I did. You spread it on toast like jelly or butter. It is delish!