Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Red Sox vs. Yankees!

As a Boston Girl I am required to love the Sox and hate the Yankees. Honestly? Not that into sports... But GO RED SOX! Anyone from Boston would love the opportunity to see a Sox vs. Yankees game. I've gone to two this year! One at Yankee Stadium, where the Sox won. And now at Fenway, where the Sox won! Woo!

This time was extra awesome - We got to be on top of the Green Monster! A dream for true Boston residents. I had never been up there before. It was FANTASTIC! To make things even better, it was my friend's birthday and she knew someone who was able to get us up to the Monster and get us waters and snacks free! What a dream!

Downsides? It was 98 degrees, in the wind, over 100 in the crowds. Luckily the Monster is nice and windy. Also, I got a bit dehydrated, I had to chug many bottles of water to start feeling better again. Lastly, the hot + dehydrated + taking photos made me really dizzy and I ended up having to sit on the ground for an inning or so before I could resume photos and game-watching. Put those against the good stuff, not even a blip on the radar, awesome day!

The ladies of the All American Girls League - who the movie A League of Their Own was based on!

The lady in yellow is who they based All the Way Mae on! 

They threw out the first pitches.

Home run!

The Wave! 

The Fenway Anthem