Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kitty Time! Happy Caturday!

I decided to have a #caturday post!

We have three cats. Two boys and a girl. Helios, the surly three legged cat, Dinah, the fluffy ragdoll princess, and Ollie, the precocious and energetic baby boy.

When we introduced Dinah and Ollie to Helios some sparks flew - literally. The cats were not used to carpets and Dinah and Helios shocked each other with visible static sparks! This meant they instantly hated each other. It lasted months until Ollie got sick. Helios and Dinah made up over their concern for their baby brother. This was only a couple weeks ago and I am still shocked and excited when Helios and Dinah hang out and are friendly.

Helios, the tripod hunter!

Dinah, the princess.

Ollie, the baby.

I decided to play with the processing on this one. Glowing eyes! Beware the Kitten Triad! Give us treats now!

Regular processing of the above photo.

I caught Dinah in a very unladylike expression. It was awesome!

This is more Dinah-princess-like. Woe is me! Mew!

Helios attacking a ribbon. This was actually a submission for Chrysta Rae's Scavenger Hunt.

Dignity. The funny part, Ollie has the least amount of dignity of all these cats! But he sure sits pretty!