Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

So I moved a few months back. The new place is FANTASTIC. A cool discovery made this week was that the town's Fourth of July Parade starts right in front of our front door! This is both cool and slightly annoying. Annoying, our street is blocked off for hours! If we wanted to escape we would be unable to do so. Also the noise of setting up started around 8:30am. Cool, I just grab my camera and walk out my front door! If I get thirsty, pop back in and get a drink. Hungry, the same! Too hot, pop in and watch from my window! Battery dies (totally did), just go inside and grab the spare! Awesome!

In addition to the easy access to the parade, I got a new zoom lens in yesterday! Just in time for the parade! So I broke it in taking some awesome shots of the parade. I think this is some of my best "event" photography so far! I am pretty psyched!