Monday, July 1, 2013

Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt - March edition!

I participated in yet another +Chrysta Rae's Photography Scavenger Hunt in March. The hunts are fantastic, I am super sad I was unable to sign up for the latest one. I will be anxiously watching for the next sign-up!

In March the 10 hunt words were:
Freeze Motion
Ant's Eye View

I had a lot going on during this hunt, but I was determined to get them done! Between moving and other life and work changes and demands it was tough but I think I got some good photos in the end!

Regret - there are a lot of subtle things going on in the background. I liked all the detail that I put into the photo. A last minute addition was the crack in the heart, I did that in photoshop as an afterthought while processing. I was not entirely satisfied with the quality of it but that was the best I could do at the time. 

I think this is my favorite photo. EVIL STRAWBERRY PEOPLE!! The Strawberry People are sacrificing the Blackberry People around the Banana Alter, consuming their strength for their evil purposes! This was so fun to make and take. Also to eat! They ended up as dessert that night!

This was for Mouth. It took me a while and by the end my lips were so raw and chapped! If I'd been thinking I would have done each on a different day to save on that. Oh well! Next time I know! Avengers Assemble! 

This one was for bubbles. It was just carbonated water. I took a series of shots as I poured it into the cup. After, in processing, I added in the colors to make it more dramatic. I liked creating the transition from red to purple to blue, as if there were the two colors mixing. It was also fun to practice the technique of altering the colors of a photo and play with photoshop. 

We moved to a nice complex. This is the main house and pool of the complex. I took this photo one morning on my way to work. I originally thought to take it for Brown, since the building was brown and the trees were still leaf-less. It turned out to be better for landscape. 

This one was texture. I liked the texture of the old fashioned light. The candle had a crazy glare that radiated all over, I used processing to tone it down. I am not wholly crazy about this photo but it was the best I could do at the time. 

Ant's Eye View. The kitty is going to eat the ant! I liked the extreme close up of the kitten, though this may not have been the best photo for the prompt. I was having a real hard time being creative on this one. 

Ok, cop out. This was one of the first photos I took with my new camera about a year earlier... I went to a Colorguard Competition with a friend and snapped this. I was out of time and didn't have a photo for Freeze Motion. Looking through my old photos I found this one and reprocessed it for my purposes. 

Spill... the jelly beans! I wanted to do something different with this one other than just the beans spilling out. I noticed that our counter was very reflective so I decided to do a touch of color on the reflection rather than the actual beans. 

Brown. The science teacher I worked with this year had a bunch of plants in our common area. I liked all the motion in the weaving of the vines.