Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Off to Canada!

I just got back from my first trip to Canada! We drove up from northern Maine and crossed the bridge over the St. John River to Edmundston. There was not much to do over there, but we drove around and had lunch.

The bridge to Canada
I was convinced we were going to die on the bridge. We were stopped for a long time and I dislike bridges!

Straight down to the river. This is what we drove over. Apparently it's so the snow can go right through in the winter.

We had to stop at customs.

Sideways stoplight! 

We got lost. This is the hotel that we stopped at to get directions.  They were very nice, as was the hotel.

There was a ?paper? factory

Cute footbridge

Look! Canadian ducks!

Look! Canadian seagull! 

Look! Canadian tree!

Look! Canadian spider!

We went to KFC, which is called PFK, and my husband got his fries Poutin (with cheese and gravy) GROSS! 
Everything was in French. I don't speak French... I could read most of the signs though!