Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Feeling Vampy

So I decided that I wanted to try some more photo manipulation. This time I used a tutorial to help me look a bit Vampire-ish.


The tutorial is in 3 parts. I sort of followed it and sort of didn't. I was using Pixelmator (cheap-y Mac imitation of Photoshop that works fine for most purposes) to do this.

I started off with a picture from a few years back (before I started caring much about the quality of my selfy photos, I was more concerned with documenting my awesome costume!)

It's my Ravenclaw-Gone-Punk costume. ;) 

I started off following the tutorial. I skipped the whole make the skin paler thing cuz... I'm REALLY pale by myself. I didn't need to make myself any paler. I jumped right to the eyes. 

I didn't want to be a lame "good" vampire with the golden eyes, I wanted to be bloodthirsty red. Other than the color change I followed the general eye color tutorial. 

Next came time to darken up the shadows under my eyes. When I did that I noticed that it also did awesome things to my eyeshadow so I made a separate layer for the eyeshadow. I darkened those two layers independently. I also darkened up my lipstick.

Finally I cut out my background and set it to black. I want to do something more elaborate for the background but at this point I'd been fooling around on this for a few hours with trial and error and it was dinner time! So I left off here. Maybe I will revisit this photo and add a better background next time.

Yes... I really am THAT pale...


Ok, so upon reflection I am just *too* pale in this! I had to darken it up a bit.

I think that is a bit better.